A charity with a difference

The Sweetest Gift is driven to change lives, promote social inclusion, and provide a stimulating and understanding work environment for transplant recipients and those living with chronic illness.

Maintaining stable employment and being given training and promotion opportunities are often out of reach for those with chronic health conditions. The Sweetest Gift seeks to change that. This not-for-profit social enterprise is coming to Sydney soon.

An extraordinary life

There’s no greater feeling than a second chance at an extraordinary life. And for The Sweetest Gift’s founder, Patricia Scheetz, she knows this more than most.

In 2011, Patricia faced complications from a lifetime of managing type 1 diabetes and urgently needed a life-saving double organ transplant. With only months to live, she received the greatest gift of all.

Being the grateful recipient of a kidney and pancreas transplant, Patricia vowed to honour her donor by living her best life.

The Sweetest Gift founder, Patricia Scheetz

Delectable desserts

Patricia discovered baking as a form of therapy during her recovery.

She became passionate about creating desserts and her skill landed her a place as a contestant on Channel Seven’s Zumbo’s Just Desserts.

She shared her incredible story, bubbly personality, and impressive macaron making skills with Australia and went on to become a qualified pastry chef.

Frangipani Pie

Giving back

Despite Patricia’s life-saving transplant, she faced ongoing obstacles which were particularly difficult for her to overcome. One major obstacle was the difficulty in sustaining stable employment due to the changing and sometimes unpredictable nature of her health.

Her experience mirrored the experience of many other transplant recipients and chronic health sufferers. This led her to think of ways she could make a difference in the professional lives of fellow transplant recipients.

And so, The Sweetest Gift was born - a dessert restaurant created specifically to employ transplant recipients and those living with chronic illness.

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